Common misconceptions about Olive Oils

- Olive oils with high acidity have a bitter taste and are caustic.

+ It is impossible to clearly understand the acidity of olive oil by tasting it.


- Extra virgin olive oil makes food heavier.

+ False information! Contrary to popular belief, extra virgin olive oil reveals the full flavor of vegetables and meats.


- It is a good sign if the smell of olive oil resembles black olives.

+ Olive oil does not smell of olives; oils that taste like black olives are defective.


- Green-coloured olive oils are of better quality.

+ False! There is no relation between the color of olive oil and its quality.


- Olive oil obtained by stone pressing is of better quality.

+ The use of high technology in the production of olive oil directly increases quality, efficiency, and hygiene.


- Olive oil is not used for frying

+ Olive oil is the healthiest frying oil. Does not burn up to 210 degrees


- Olive oil can be stored for years under suitable conditions.

+ If you keep filtered olive oil away from light, air and moisture, you can preserve it for a maximum of 2 years. Unfiltered products are recommended to be consumed within 2 months.


- Olive oil produced from ripe olives is more beneficial for health.

+ The most beneficial and aromatic olive oils are obtained from olives that have not completed their ripening in the early harvest period.

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