What are the Spices that Help Weight Loss?

What are the Spices that Help Weight Loss?


Losing weight and having a fit body is related to genetics and dietary habits. Therefore, there are no miracle spices, dishes or cures that provide weight loss. However, some foods can accelerate weight loss with the right eating habits and exercise routine, thanks to their nutrients. We recommend that you seek the support of a dietician for the most appropriate weight loss support for your body, biology, and genetics.



Cinnamon is one of the most original spices with its flavor and smell. It can help weight loss thanks to its taste and nutrients. Because it contains nutrients that accelerate metabolism, you can include it in your diet on a doctor's recommendation. You can use this spice, which provides satiety for a long time and prevents a sudden drop in blood sugar, with different recipes in your sweet cravings. One tablespoon of cinnamon is an average of 8 grams and approximately 19 calories. It also contains 0.3 grams of protein, 6.2 grams of carbohydrates and 0.1 grams of fat.


Chilli Pepper

Chilli pepper is one of the most popular and indispensable spice varieties. The capsaicin substance, which makes the chili pepper bitter, supports the acceleration of metabolism. You can support fat-burning with chilli pepper with appropriate living habits and exercise. One hundred grams of chili pepper is 318 calories. One tablespoon, an average of 10 grams of chili pepper, is 32 calories.



Turmeric is one of the spice varieties with many beneficial properties. Turmeric, one of the most famous spices in India, supports weight loss and fat burning thanks to its nutrient content. One tablespoon of turmeric is about 7 grams and has an average of 23.9 calories.


Black Pepper

Black pepper is one of the most delicious spices that go well with almost every recipe. According to a research conducted by Korean scientists, it has been discovered that the pipeline substance, which gives black pepper its unique and dominant flavor, has a fat-burning property. One tablespoon of black pepper averages 6 grams and contains an average of 15.9 calories.




Ginger is used especially in Asian dishes, tea and in different recipes. Ginger is one of the spices that accelerate metabolism. Ginger is a spice that makes you feel full and hastens the digestive system with sports and proper nutrition thanks to its nutrients. One teaspoon of turmeric is an average of 5 calories.

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