Why give olive oil as a gift?

Why give olive oil as a gift?

Fiding gifts to your special people at those important events can be painful for a birthday, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and many others. Even though being original in modern times is extremely difficult. We frequently run out of ideas and are still determining what to give that special someone.

For those who adore extra virgin olive oil, we would like to share a creative gift you may not have thought of: an olive oil set gift. One of the culinary "pearls," the "King" of the Mediterranean diet, and highly regarded by even the most discriminating palates worldwide is olive oil. Olive oil is typically associated with cooking, so it's unlikely that you've ever considered it as a gift.

So why give an olive oil gift set?

1. Olive oil gift has a very spiritual meaning and is associated with the "joy of the spirit." Since ancient times, this product has had a strong symbolic meaning, and its implications and connotations are positive. An olive oil gift set will, therefore, always be much appreciated.

2. It is a unique gift that is not only exquisite but also very healthy. Olive oil is a gourmet item because of its favorable qualities and health advantages. Olive oil is the ideal choice if you want to give a special gift to a relative. It also provides a beautiful excuse to plan additional family get-togethers.

3. Olive oil can be your greatest ally if you want to surprise someone. The best way to thank that special someone for everything might be to give them a pack of the best olive oils, like the one you can purchase at the Pura Olea online store.

4. Given the current gastronomic trend, those who enjoy food will also adore this gift.

5. One food staple of the Mediterranean diet is olive oil. Giving an olive oil gift set is a way to show respect and admiration for this long-standing custom and uncommon good.
Pura Olea: Nature's sweetest gift is the season's freshest.

6. It is a new way to discover treasures of gastronomy. In Pura Olea, we select two new varieties of olive oil set each month, carefully chosen based on their quality and originality.

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Pura Olea Gift Set

Organic, USDA Certified, low-acidity extra virgin olive oil that is naturally high in polyphenols 

Made from gently cold-pressed, early-harvest Aegean olives hand-picked on the same day to preserve their maximum nutritional efficacy 

No additives, flavorings, or processing; just pure extra virgin olive oil as nature intended 

Environmentally-friendly: sustainably harvested and delivered from the source to your door in an eco-friendly, non-plastic container 

Ideal for salad mixes, cooking with vegetables, and marinating meat and fish to enrich the flavor

Olive oil's peak flavor is when it's the freshest, to be used within a few months after crush due to its shorter shelf life. Once pressed, this first oil was traditionally reserved for winter feasts, a symbol of bounty celebrated at the height of freshness.

Pair with other bounties of the harvest, fresh or cooked veggies, or add to almost any dish. Drizzle over scallops or seared fish, feta cheese, or tomatoes.

As the olive became a staple of the human diet across the globe, so did the tradition of celebrating the annual harvest as a central focus of thriving communities, each family creating its unique blends.

And we are proud to continue the tradition of giving gifts of hospitality, honoring longevity with nourishing comfort food. 

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