World of BRIO Safflower Oil 18 Liter (36 lb)

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Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) is an annual oilseed crop. The origins of this plant are some herbalists suggest the basin of the Euphrates River in Anatolia. It is believed that safflower has its origin in Euroasia, including Turkey and the neighboring countries. As our philosophy and ambition of finding the best source for you, our World of BRIO safflower oil comes from its origin: Turkey, to give you a new healthy and delicious alternative to use in your dishes.

-No additives, flavorings, or processing

-Neutral aroma and taste that is similar to that of canola oil

-Excellent choice for deep frying, pan frying, or baking - High smoke point

-Contains healthful fats called unsaturated fatty acids


Safflower seed oil comes from a thistle-like plant related to the sunflower. Safflower kernels can be pressed into oil containing the highest polyunsaturated fats (75 to 82 percent) among all cooking oils. The American Heart Association recommends cooking with low-saturated fats, such as safflower oil and olive oil, to prevent heart disease and manage cholesterol levels. It has an unassertive taste and a neutral aroma, which makes it ideal for when you don't want a pronounced flavor from oil in a recipe.

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