PREMIUM Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Gift Pack

Size: 500 ml
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When we seek ways to stay well and keep our loved ones safe, consider the new and best olive oil gift set - the gift of wellness. Here at PURA Olea, we bring you the essence of nature derived from Aegean Olives. The only ingredients are bright sunshine, fertile soil, and freshwaters that develop a nutritious and flavorful PURA Olea. Try it for yourself, and share with the others in your life who appreciate the goodness and are inspired by flavorful experiences.

We fill each bottle with the goodness of organic PURA Olea premium extra virgin olive oil, gently cold-pressed from hand-picked early harvest Aegean olives on the same day to preserve their nutrients at the peak. With a remarkable 0.3% acidity, PURA Olea premium extra virgin olive oil is your companion for a flavorful journey to wellness. We also include a simple but elegant sleeve and a gift tag for the pack to make our sleek signature bottle a gift representing you. 

Every bottle features the essence of nature packed with kindness.

Never any additives, flavorings, or processing; in other words, our only ingredient is pure olive oil in line with our brand philosophy. Why wait? Buy this best olive oil gift set to make yourself and your loved ones healthy.


Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift, birthday present, or anniversary gift? Look no further; we offer the best olive oil gift set that blends perfectly with any occasion.

Gifting should be enjoyable! Because there is so much wastage in our modern society, giving something USEFUL to the receiver that will not wind up in the trash is equally crucial. The thought that has gone into the present – especially with a personal touch – is the most significant component when giving. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of those multifunctional gift items - sure, you can do more with olive oil than simply cook with it! Here are a few ideas on using the best olive oil gift set from PURA OLEA.


Giving a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil or our olive oil gift set is already a thoughtful present. You may, however, take this present to the next level by creating your own hamper. Use Hamper packing things that also function as a gift. Fill wooden utensil holders or seasoning and condiment containers with PURA olea Extra Virgin Olive Oil, some good quality Balsamic Vinegar, Flavored olive paste, Olive Tapenade, and a jar of Olives. Tie a ribbon around the package and attach a customized message. You could even go the extra mile and add a family recipe card. And that’s it. You have made a perfect holiday healthy gift hamper for a loved one.


Create your own personalized culinary kits. Wrap a container of olive oil or the best olive oil gift set in a unique designer culinary towel or hand glove, tie with a paintbrush or rubber brush, and adorned with fresh herbs. Add a personal touch by providing your favorite olive oil recipe and tagging it on the gift. You may create variations of tools and herbs that can be connected to the bottle of olive oil or that are appropriate for the dish.


Take 24 plum tomatoes. Core each tomato, snip open on one side, and butterfly open. Arrange on a wire rack. Sprinkle with sea salt and roast for 8 hours, or until dark and wrinkly - do not allow it to be crisp. Once chilled, stuff each tomato with smashed garlic cloves and a fresh basil leaf. Fold, tuck, and stack in tiers in a gorgeous 2Lt glass jar that may be reused later. Fill the jar with olive oil from the best olive oil gift set, and you're done. These tomatoes pair well with tapas and salads. Try it with crostini! The olive oil in the jar blends with the tomatoes, garlic, and basil over time and may be used as a vinaigrette.

best olive oil gift set

Those mentioned above were only a few ways to use the best olive oil gift set from PURA olea. Be creative, and we are sure you can use our best olive oil gift set in many more ways to gift it to your loved ones.

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