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White wine vinegar is a white wine that has been fermented and oxidized into acid with a lightly fruity flavor. Turkey is one of the world's oldest wine countries. With between 600 and 1200 indigenous grape varieties, there are numerous options. Turkish wines tend to have solid and well-balanced acidity and great fruit flavors, so they work well with several dishes. Annual grape harvest in Turkey accounts for 3.6 million tonnes putting it in 6th place in the world. As our philosophy and ambition of finding the best source for you, our Vinegar BRIO White Wine Vinegar comes from Turkey to elevate your dishes to the next level!


-100% Natural

-Full-bodied and aromatic


-Wheaty flavor; No flavors


Made from fermented and oxidized white wine, white wine vinegar has sweet, mellow flavors and a sharp tang. It brings fruity acidity to chimichurri and béarnaise sauces, not to mention poppy seed, Italian, and classic Niçoise salad dressings. Vinegar BRIO White Wine Vinegar is 100% natural and is diluted with water to have 5% acidity, which is the best degree to maximize the joy of taste. Enjoy your Vinegar BRIO White Wine Vinegar in the 2-liter convenient bottle: contact us for purchase options.

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